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Winter is around the corner here in Illinois. Typically, when the leaves start to change colors it’s time to place your recreational vehicle in storage until spring. Take some time to get your RV ready for storage – you’ll be protecting your investment for the long term!

Perform these pre-winter storage steps to ensure your recreational vehicle will be road-ready next spring:

-Drain your RV’s water system. When it comes to winterizing your recreational vehicle, this is among the most essential. Any water remaining in the plumbing system might freeze and cause damage to the fittings and lines. Depending upon your vehicle’s plumbing system, you may be able to winterize yourself. It entails draining both the fresh and waste water tanks along with the pipes too. Circulating nontoxic antifreeze through it is also beneficial for the system. Antifreeze flushes water out of the plumbing system. Consult your RV owner’s manual for instructions on draining its water system.

However, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, bring your RV to a service center.

RV Storage Downers Grove IL

-Prepare the exterior. A service center also can perform an inspection of the seams, sidewalls, roof, windows, access panels and doors. They can reseal or caulk any cracks and holes they find. That will serve to keep water from getting in and help prevent the need for costly repairs. If you’ll be doing it yourself, consult your RV owner’s manual. It’s important to choose the right type of sealant for your vehicle. The wrong type of sealant may not set correctly, which could leave your RV vulnerable to moisture damage.

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-Preserve your batteries. Disconnect your RV’s batteries and keep them in a dry and cool location. Batteries tend to lose their charge while in storage. A cool temperature can help to minimize that gradual loss. Check the battery’s charge about once per month with a voltmeter. Charge the battery when necessary so it remains at full charge. This is essential because a battery with a partial charge might freeze more rapidly. Freezing can result in damage to batteries.

-Add fuel stabilizer. Gasoline can turn “bad” as time passes, leaving deposits of gummy resin. Those troublesome deposits are the result of oxidation, which risks engine damage. Using a fuel stabilizer is effective for preventing the deposits from accumulating. Simply add the fuel stabilizer in accordance with product’s instructions. Then fill up the rest of the RV’s tank with gasoline. Start the engine as well as the generator and run both for about five to ten minutes. This allows the fuel stabilizer to circulate through the whole fuel system.

-Protect your RV’s tires. If your RV will be outdoors for the winter, the tires may be vulnerable to damage from exposure to sunlight. Safeguard your tires with coverings that are frequently available at your local RV dealership. You may already have a cover for the RV, but it may not also cover its tires. Tire covers that fit correctly offer effective protection for the whole winter season.

Additionally, inflate all of your RV’s tires to the pressure according to the sidewalls before placing the vehicle in storage. Some tires are prone to losing air pressure while in storage. Be sure that you check the tires and to inflate them if necessary before hitting the road again in the spring.

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