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Self Storage Downers Grove IL

Self Storage Downers Grove IL


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-Decluttering your home? Storage Downers Grove IL is the solution. If your items are taking up too much space in your home or business, renting a storage is a good option. A roomy and organized residential space increases comfort in your home.

-More storage space for your lawn, hobby and sports equipment. Do you own a lot of sports equipment that you only use seasonally? A storage unit is an affordable place to keep it secure. Also, lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment can occupy a lot of space in your garage. Consider renting a storage unit at our facility, where it will remain safely out of the way until spring.

-Time to downsize. Before you decide to relocate to a smaller home, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. This efficient and affordable space can keep your belongings secure while you choose what to keep or eliminate. You can still keep the unit after you move if you don’t have sufficient space too.

Self Storage Downers Grove IL – For instance, if you own furniture items and valuables that you don’t wish to sell or donate, consider self storage.

-Students moving back home. College students might not have sufficient space at home to contain items they accumulate while at school. This can pose a challenge when it’s time to go home during summer breaks and holidays. Storage Downers Grove IL units are a solution that offers secure space and peace of mind for parents.

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-Preparing to sell a home. Perhaps you may have many items in your home that are not necessarily appropriate for real estate showings. Many real estate agents recommend renting a Storage Downers Grove IL unit. They’re ideal for storing items offsite to create more space while you’re showing your home to prospective buyers.

-Postponement of closing date. In some cases, sellers must move out of their home by a certain date that is before the closing date. When that occurs a storage unit can be very useful. While it is not convenient to move twice, you’ll at least know your belongings are secure in storage.

-A job that requires frequent travel. If you’re planning to travel overseas or serve in the military, consider the convenience of a storage unit. After you complete your travel commitments or service, you can easily access your items.

-Consolidating residences. This common situation can occur when spouses move in together for the first time. Or, in the event aging parents move in with their adult children. In any case, there will probably be a lot of excess items such as furniture and appliances. Storage Downers Grove IL can provide you and your household some helpful extra space.

-Storing cars and other vehicles. Our facility provides a safe and secure place to store your cars, RVs, boats and motorcycles during the winter. (Or, of course, when you will not be using them.) Many residences do not have a garage or driveway large enough to store multiple vehicles. Storage Downers Grove IL units are frequently among the more cost-effective options for storage.

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-The loss of a loved one. When a relative dies, it’s typical that will leave behind a home containing a lot of the items. For convenience, families can store their relative’s belongings in a storage unit while preparing the home for sale.

If you want some more helpful information about storing your items, contact the storage experts at A-1 today. Our facility features a wide selection of storage units in various sizes. Just tell our staff what items you’d like to store. We can recommend an affordable space ideal for your specific storage needs.

It may seem pretty simple, but it does take some planning to pack boxes efficiently. Here are a few useful tips on packing boxes to help your move go smoothly:

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-Organization is key. Before placing your items in boxes, create a list. Assign every item to its appropriate box. Make easy-to-read labels for each one. Place those labels on each side as well as the top of the box. When writing your packing list, be sure to note the approximate replacement value for the item. This is especially useful if you plan to insure your belongings. If there are some breakable items, label them as “fragile.”

-Try to use only two different box sizes. This makes it easier to stack the boxes and remain organized. Boxes ought to be durable enough that the box on the bottom can support the weight of the others.

Keep your belongings secure. As frequently as possible, place your items in boxes to keep them from collecting dust.

-Try to use space efficiently. Fill the whole box but not with heavy items entirely. You want to fill up a box to prevent it from collapsing or tipping over. You should, however, avoid filling it with items that are too heavy to carry. While packing, fill the box with the heaviest items first, then fill the box to capacity with other lighter items.

-Avoid use of plastic bags. Placing items in plastic bags might seem like a smart idea but it may actually lead to mildew growth.

-Be book smart. When packing your books, use small boxes instead of putting them in one larger box. Place the books flat within the boxes instead of standing them on end. This prevents damage to the books’ spines.

-Stay dry. Store refrigerators and freezers with the door open slightly. Appliances should be dry, so defrost your refrigerators and freezers and drain your washing machines.

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-Padding for your breakable items. Pack breakable items in packing paper or bubble wrap – particularly picture frames and mirrors.

-Utilize wardrobe boxes. When it comes to packing clothes we suggest that you make good use of wardrobe boxes when possible. Also, utilize old towels or bedsheets for wrapping your items. Cloth is preferable to plastic for wrapping.

-Be safe when packing tools and equipment. When you’re preparing metal equipment and tools for storage, drain them completely of fuel. Wipe them off with some oil to help prevent rust from collecting.

-Seal your boxes with packing tape. This keeps them shut and prevents the contents from getting dusty.

-Planning ahead. Make a basic plan regarding how you’ll place the furniture and boxes in your Self Storage Downers Grove IL unit.

-Avoid moisture. Do not put in damp items because these risk inviting mildew and other kinds of moisture damage.

-Smart storage. Store frames and mirrors on end rather than flat.

-Retain accessibility. Stack your boxes in a way that makes it easy to access each one. Do not store rows of boxes together. Instead, form an aisle that will enable you to conveniently a box without the need to move a lot of things.

-Create extra space. Add more useful extra space in your storage boxes by utilizing the hollow spaces of large furniture. For example, you can place a box inside a wardrobe. Likewise for refrigerators, stoves or washing machines.

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