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If you are planning a move, there are plenty of decisions you’ll need to make during throughout the process. One of the most important is how you’ll plan to transport your belongings to your new home, apartment, condo, dormitory or commercial building, as well as the moving supplies you will need. The good news is that there are plenty of reasons why reserving a U-Haul Downers Grove IL truck rental from A-1 Storage can make your move a whole lot easier. Some advantages include:

Various Truck Sizes Available
U-Haul vehicles come in a range of sizes. Depending upon the specifics of your upcoming move, there are options for you to consider ranging from an 8-foot pickup truck to a 26-foot moving truck. The vehicles are each meant for a particular kind of move, which means there’s no guessing involved when you reserve your U-Haul Downers Grove IL with us.

U-Haul Downers Grove IL

U-Haul Downers Grove IL

Unique Features for Your Convenience
U-Haul trucks are made to make the moving experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. All moving trucks are designed so the loading deck is close to the ground. This makes loading a lot easier than it would be with a freight truck. Furthermore, trucks that are 15-foot and larger are equipped with a wide, durable loading ramp. This enables you to simply use a dolly to roll items onto your truck, instead of lifting them.

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Packing and preparing your home for a move can be quite a task, especially if you’re not clear on what moving supplies you’ll need. (This is understandable, since you’ve got an entire household to pack!) There’s no need to worry – read on for a few easy tips that can help you pack your items efficiently and prepare for the move.

First, acquire all the boxes you’re going to need. Talk to the staff at A-1 Storage for some guidance on how many boxes (as well as other supplies) you should get.

Pack the Rooms You Use the Least
Note down the things you’ll need in the last couple days just prior to your move, such as clothes, kitchen utensils, cleaning products or electronics. Set those items aside and start with your spare rooms, decorations, closets, and anything that is not a necessity. Remember to keep your essential items like your wallet, smart phone, medications and other important paperwork with you. Place them in a bag or small box that you can access as needed.

Pack Up One Space at a Time
It’s easier to keep organized if you’re methodical and you focus on just a single room at a time. Also, it helps keep items from that room in the same boxes. This way, it’s easy to label the boxes accordingly and unload them into the appropriate rooms at your next place.

U-Haul Downers Grove IL

Use Smaller Boxes for Heavy Items
It’s easier to handle bulky items when they’re packed in smaller rather than larger boxes because it keeps shifting to a minimum and makes them easier to load in the U-Haul Downers Grove IL. If you all the boxes you have are large, fill in the extra space with furniture pads, paper towels, or some soft, smaller items. Also, put any essential belongings you may need for your first day at your new location in a box and mark it “open first.” It may include your phone charger, basic bathroom necessities and clothes. Put this box on the U Haul Downers Grove IL truck last so you can access it easily.

Use Packing Tape
Avoid using duct tape or masking tape to seal your moving boxes. Instead, be sure to use packing tape. When you’re ready to book a U-Haul Downers Grove IL, call A-1 Storage!