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Whether you are moving to a new location in Downers Grove or somewhere out of state, it can be a challenge. Particularly if you’re not certain which type of moving supplies to get or even to even start. After all, you’re packing up an entire household! Rather than stressing, take a look at the packing and moving hacks we present on this post. There are plenty of tips that can help you pack your belongings efficient and prepare for transport. Also, we’ll recommend which moving supplies will help make the experience as convenient as possible.

Getting Ready to Move: Some Basic Packing Tips

For starters, purchase all the moving boxes you’re going to need. You can order boxes online and get them delivered to your location. Or, simply purchase them at your U-Haul Downers Grove IL rental provider. Before you begin putting your belongings into the boxes, there are packing suggestions that help you stay organized:

-Begin by packing the items that you use the least. Make a note of things you may need in the days before you move. For example, clothes, kitchen items, toiletries and electronics. Also, you’ll probably need a few cleaning products. Leave these items for last and begin with closets, spare bedrooms, decorations and other items that aren’t necessities.

-Pack just one room at time. It’s a lot easier to remain organized if you pack only one room at a time. Also, it helps keep items from those rooms in the same box. This way, you can label the boxes accurately. Subsequently, that makes it easier to unload them in the right rooms at your new location.

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-Put heavier items in smaller boxes. It’s easier to handle bulky, heavy items when they’re in smaller boxes because it decreases shifting. If only larger boxes are available, use old towels or furniture pads to fill in the extra space.

-Select a box to be the one you’ll open first. Then, be sure to load it on the U-Haul Downers Grove IL last. Use this box to contain the essentials you may need upon first arriving at your new location. For instance, it could include basic toiletries, phone charger and change of clothes. Loading it last will make it easy to access quickly.

-Keep things you may need during moving day with you in the cab of the U-Haul Downers Grove IL. This would include medications, wallets, documents and your mobile device. Place these items in a small box or a bag and bring it along with you for quick access.

-Avoid using duct tape to close your moving boxes. Instead, use packing tape. Although you might have a roll of duct tape handy, we advise against using it for packing. Packing tape is a better option for securing boxes. Its specific design is to hold cardboard boxes in one piece during transport. Duct tape or masking tape, however, may peel off in moist or hot conditions.

-Take apart furniture items and put the pieces in a bag. Then, tape the bag to the appropriate furniture item. It’s usually fairly easy to disassemble items like bed frames, TV stands or kitchen tables. Consequently, this makes them a lot easier to move. If time permits, take the whole item apart and put the nuts, bolts and screws in a bag.

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-Pack the heavier things at the bottom of the moving boxes. This will keep your boxes from getting too top-heavy and falling over while in the rental truck. This guideline applies to when you’re loading the truck too: put the heaviest boxes at the bottom.

-Load Your U-Haul Rental Truck in Rows

Efficient moving starts with loading your U-Haul truck in rows. For example:

-Floor to ceiling.

-From one side to the other. (Load items left to right or vice-versa.)

-Front of the truck to the back.

One of the more common errors people make occurs when loading large furniture items such as dressers. Load these items perpendicular to the truck’s front rather than parallel. This minimizes the risk of the items sliding during travel.

-Load your items in an efficient order. The order that you load your belongings into a U-Haul Downers Grove IL is important. Doing it correctly will help ensure that your items remain stationary during transit. There are sometimes exceptions to this rule, but the following steps are usually helpful for a successful move:

Firstly, load moving boxes according to similar shape and size to optimize the rental truck’s capacity. Then place items like couch cushions, bags, toys and lawn furniture on top of the boxes. Continue to place these items on the base level boxes during the load to use available spaces.

Next, it’s time to load items like wooden furniture. For example, chest of drawers, nightstands, TV stands or cabinets. Loading these heavy furniture items behind the boxes helps keep them in place.

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Behind square-shaped, wood furniture load in items such as box springs and mattresses. Put a moving blanket upon the floor of the U-Haul Downers Grove IL truck to prevent the mattress from getting dirty. You can then put glass table tops, picture frames or flat screen TVs between the box spring and mattress. This serves to keep them securely upright in transit.

To secure the load, place appliances such as your washer and dryer next to the mattresses. Lastly, if there is still enough space, load your dining table. If space is getting tight you can remove the table legs and load the table top so it sits vertically (on its edge.)

At the rear of the rental truck, load other items like bicycles, patio chairs and fitness equipment.

-Make sure to get enough moving pads.

You’ll want to use plenty of protective pads to shield your furniture and other belongings while in transport. As a general guideline, you should use:

-One moving pad for each of your smaller furniture items like nightstands and dining room chairs.

-Two pads for your medium-size furniture such as reclining chairs, couches and dressers.

-Three or more pads for larger furniture like dining tables, armoires or chest of drawers.

Minimize risk of furniture damage by shrink wrapping the moving pads to your furniture inside your house first. That way, when it’s time to load the U-Haul Downers Grove IL you’re ready to go. If you don’t wish to spend time doing this, can pad your wooden furniture in the truck during loading.

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-Purchase straps to keep the load secure.

Consider buying a four-pack of moving straps from your U-Haul Downers Grove IL outlet. They are ideal for securing loads of practically any shape during a move. Without a doubt, you’ll want to put one or two straps over the back end of the load for safety. In addition, moving straps are handy for securing large furniture against the wall of the truck.

-Stock up on new moving boxes.

Having a supply of sturdy moving boxes – of a similar shape – makes loading your stuff a lot easier. Additionally, it limits the risk of the boxes falling or collapsing, which could break the items inside it.

-Rent a dolly. Consider renting a two-wheel box dolly. They’re very handy for moving boxes and square-shaped items. Also, rent a four-wheel furniture dolly for moving your larger, heavy items.